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Jeudi, 05 Novembre 2015 10:55

The Central Hospital of Yaoundé has been recording, within the last few years a steady increase in the demand of its services. A good number of factors account for this high demand, including population increase and urbanisation. Hence, being a public institution with a predominantly social role, meeting this high demand has been on various grounds very challenging.

It is therefore within this framework, and within the scope and ambits of the Central Hospital to improve on the situation improve on the working condition of personnel and render better, quality and affordable services to the general public, that the institution now benefits from huge consignments of humanitarian medical aids (biomedical materials, equipment and consumables) as part of a fruitful partnership between the Coca-Cola company and a US based non-profit making and humanitarian organisation – MedShare.
Such aids have been able to address some of the most pressing concerns of the hospital. Both the working condition of personnel and quality of services rendered to the public have been greatly improved upon. Specifically, there has been improvement on the technical platform and more specifically, regarding consultation, diagnosis, operation, prescription, treatment and follow-up.
Aids acquired as a result of this fruitful collaboration has included but not limited to baby aspirator, table for gynaecological consultation, hospital beds , medical mattresses, walking aids for patients, examination machines, gloves, syringes, gauzes and protective masks. In fact, there has been a net improvement on successful deliveries, successful operations, and many lives have been saved as a result. Recovery of patients has also been speeded up owing to this fruitful cooperation.

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